Drum Giveaway!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!DRUM GIVEAWAY!!!!! A HUGE THANK YOU to MY( Dave) Kickass Drum Sponsers (DW/PDP , Sabian Cymbals,ProMark sticks and Remo drum heads) we will be having signups at Merch booth for a GIVEAWAY at end of tour of Drum Kit I will be playing on Tour . Its a silver to black sparkle fade PDP 4 piece. Will come with set of Sabians ,a Pro Pack of Remo heads (along with the beat up heads from last show signed by all the ripping Drummers on the tour and Promark Sig sticks. Super stoked!!! Stay tuned for more details , if there is any . Check out sites of all these great sponsers cuz they rule. See ya soon D