<Punkspring 2013 NAGOYA   1ST NIGHT
Nagoya Zep
March 28 (Thu)
<Punkspring 2013 NAGOYA   2ND NIGHT
Nagoya Zep
March 29 (Fri)
<Punkspring 2013 / OSAKA>
March 30 (Sat)  Kobe World
Open: 12:00pm
Start: 12:30pm
Weezer /NOFX
Simple Plan/Pennywise
Lagwagon…and more!
Ticket price:JPY7,900
On sale date: February 2
<Punkspring 2013 / TOKYO>
March 31 (Sun)  Tokyo  Messe
Open: 11:00am
Simple Plan/Pennywise
Lagwagon/Old Man Markley
…and more!
Punkspring After Party show NOFX/Lagwagon/Old Man Markley

April 1 (Mon)
Tokyo  Shibuya AX
Ticket price:JPY6,800
On sale date: February 23

SOUTH AMERICA 2013!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about confusion. Let’s try this again . Here are correct dates for South America. Just kidding.

May 31    Costa Rica  / San Jose

June. 1st Panama / Panama City

June 2nd Ecuador / Guayaquil

June 3rd.

June 4th

June 5th  Peru / Lima

June 6th Chile / Santiago

June. 7th Argentina buenos Aires

June  8th Brasil / Sao Paulo.



Hollywood Palladium !!!!!

Looking forward to playing this Friday and Saturday with old friends Pennywise , StrungOut and Pulley and getting our hang on with a ton more bro’s that will be in attendance. Its gonna be an event for sure.   #Pennywise   #StrungOut  #Pulley  #Stoker .

Drum Giveaway!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!DRUM GIVEAWAY!!!!! A HUGE THANK YOU to MY( Dave) Kickass Drum Sponsers (DW/PDP , Sabian Cymbals,ProMark sticks and Remo drum heads) we will be having signups at Merch booth for a GIVEAWAY at end of tour of Drum Kit I will be playing on Tour . Its a silver to black sparkle fade PDP 4 piece. Will come with set of Sabians ,a Pro Pack of Remo heads (along with the beat up heads from last show signed by all the ripping Drummers on the tour and Promark Sig sticks. Super stoked!!! Stay tuned for more details , if there is any . Check out sites of all these great sponsers cuz they rule. See ya soon D